SCD success at CEV General Assembly

Following the election of the CEV President, the delegates of the 53 member Federations in attendance at the XXXVI CEV General Assembly – plus 011708_CEV_20151017-153109banother two represented by proxy – were invited to cast their votes to determine the composition of the CEV Board of Administration for the 2015-2019 term as well as to elect the European representative to the FIVB Board of Administration for the period 2016-2020.

Click here for a live, comprehensive live gallery of the XXXVI CEV General Assembly

“It is a big honour for me to say a few words to the representatives of Europe’s Volleyball family,” the newly elected CEV President Aleksandar Boricic said. “On behalf of all elected Board members, I state that we are committed to work hard for Volleyball, and that we want to bring a new spirit and energy. We also want to bring together all member Federations into one common European Volleyball family. I invite you all to send in your remarks, comments and ideas in order to establish a good and efficient communication flow among us as we begin a new journey. I invite the NF from categories 4 and 5 to start drafting plans to support those from categories 1 and 2 and also the Small Countries Division. We need to work hard in order to obtain sponsors and commercial partners, and to better promote Volleyball, whilst liaising closer with the media and involving a lot more people in our sports. It is our ambition and goal to be able to report in two years’ time to the members of our family that our energy and drive has delivered something unprecedented to Volleyball in Europe. I thank you for your time and the trust you have put in me and my new Board of Administration. Together we must forge closer links with the FIVB and request that they acknowledge our status and role in world Volleyball and Beach Volleyball.”

The composition of the CEV Board of Administration reads as follows:

Eric Adler (DEN)
Renato Arena (ITA)
Zdeslav Barac (CRO)
Banu Can-Schürmann (LIE)
Michel Everaert (NED)
Margaret Ann Fleming (SCO)
Lubor Halanda (SVK)
Peter Kleinmann (AUT)
Dancho Lazarov (BUL)
Achilleas Mavromatis (GRE)
Özkan Mutlugil (TUR)
Pawel Papke (POL)
Maris Pekalis (LAT)
Hanno Pevkur (EST)
Stanislav Shevchenko (RUS)
Gudmundur Helgi Thorsteinsson (ISL)

The Executive Committee chaired by CEV President Aleksandar Boricic includes Senior Vice President Renato Arena, Vice President, Treasurer and EFC President Özkan Mutlugil, Vice President in charge of Administrative Affairs Lubor Halanda, and Vice Presidents Maris Pekalis. Stanislav Shevchenko, Hanno Pevkur, Banu Can-Schürmann and Margaret Ann Fleming.

The following European representatives to the FIVB Board of Administration were elected as well for the 2016-2020 term:

Renato Arena (ITA)
Michel Everaert (NED)
Lubor Halanda (SVK)
Achilleas Mavromatis (GRE)
Özkan Mutlugil (TUR)
Hanno Pevkur (EST)
Miroslaw Przedpelski (POL)
Stanislav Shevchenko (RUS)

The Presidents of the CEV Commissions were appointed as well:

European Beach Volleyball Commission (EBVC): Michel Everaert (NED)
European Cups Commission (ECC): Roman Stanislavov (RUS)
European Financial Commission (EFC): Özkan Mutlugil (TUR)
European Legal Commission (ELC): Alain Fischbacher (SUI)
European Medical Commission (EMC): Prof. Dr. Manfred Holzgraefe (GER)
European Refereeing Commission (ERC): Luciano Gaspari (ITA)
European Sports Organising Commission (ESOC): Wojciech Czayka (POL)

The members of the Commissions will be appointed during Sunday’s Board of Administration meeting.

The General Assembly confirmed earlier on Saturday morning also the members of the CEV Mediation Chamber as follows:

Jörg Schwenk (GER) – President
Deborah Frey (SUI) – Vice President
Kevin Carpenter (ENG)
Kadir Gurten (TUR)
Laurent Moreuil (FRA)
Ivan Todorov (BUL)

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