Meyer Leads Volleyball European Olympic Initiative

CEV President André Meyer says: “I am pleased with our extensive cooperation with the EOC and would like to recall that we enthusiastically supported the establishment of the MeyerEuropean Games whose inaugural edition was celebrated last June in Baku where Volleyball and Beach Volleyball contributed to two of the major highlights on the programme. We have also the bi-annual European Youth Olympic Festival

The CEV has become a partner of the European Olympic Committees (EOC) EU Office in Brussels this month. This strategic decision demonstrates the CEV’s strong desire to contribute actively to the European Union’s sport policy. The partnership was announced by EOC President Patrick Hickey and CEV President André Meyer. President Hickey welcomed the new partner enthusiastically: “I am absolutely delighted to have the CEV on board as a partner of the EOC EU Office. Volleyball is one of the most popular team sports worldwide and our relationship with President Meyer and his team is excellent. We really appreciated the outstanding quality of the Volleyball competition at the first European Games in Baku and we are looking forward to working closely with the CEV in the future.” <br />President Meyer added: “The partnership with the EOC EU Office in Brussels represents the next step in our joint efforts to advocate the leading role that sport can play in growing tomorrow’s citizens and in disseminating positive values such as team work, fair play, mutual respect and true friendship across Europe’s youth”

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