Huge win for Cyprus boys

Something that in the past looked an impossible dream is now a reality. Georgios Chrysostomou and Pantelis Christidis are making headlines, having gained automatic qualification into the last 16 of the men’s competition, as they won all their matches and thus finished in first place in Pool A. The new stars of Cyprus Beach Volleyball won the last game played on Day 2 of the U20 European Championship in Larnaka against the Greeks Iason Kanellos and Leonidas Sakkas 2-0 (21-19, 21-13), in a match which lasted 39 minutes.

“This is a special night for us. After so many hours of practice, we are finally beginning to get some reward for all our efforts. It was a tough match, as our friends from Greece wanted to win for their own reasons. We must not say big words for the matches to come, but one thing is for certain. We will enjoy our next game as much as we have enjoyed the Pool matches,” said Chrysostomou.

“Words cannot describe how we feel right now. As Georgios said, we tried really hard to finally achieve what we have achieved. Tonight we must celebrate, but from tomorrow morning we have to start preparing for our next match that is not going to be easy, as the other teams will now be extra careful when they are drawn against Cyprus,” said partner Christidis.

You can follow the competition also on social media with the official hashtag #EuroBeachVolleyU20

Click here for more info including entry lists, results, pictures and much more

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