German Gold But Liechtenstein Show how to organise

The weekend CEV Beach Volley Satellite in Vaduz was a tour de force in organisation for the host Liechtensteiner Federation again 522121673with German pairs doubling success on the sands.

Players from SCD members were ranked 13th in this top quality event which included Baku European Games participants and medal winners: Schiffeerle & Walser-Hasler in the Women’s competition and Deichmann & Manuel in the men’s did the Hosts proud; and continuing their growing impact in these competitions Scottish pair Beattie & Coutts were ranked 13th also. The Scotswomen returned from the Alpine experience to win the Weston Super Mare tournament in England.

Mr Philippe Schürmann, President of the local Organising Committee, sounded very happy about the outcome of the tournament: “We chose this Spring, despite the death of my brother and former chairman of the tournament, Patrick, that we would continue.

Thanks to our partners Accurata and Erlebe Vaduz it was possible to organise once more this tournament. However, the same gratitude goes out also to all other partners and to our 150 volunteers. The tournament has given us – as it did also in the past – a lot of joy. We have been rewarded with two great finals and we were very lucky also with the weather.” Picture from the Women’s Podium by Peter Eichstadt formerly Hon Secretary-General of SCD and a great continuing supporter of SCD developments.

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